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Florian - Comfort (2) - Sleep Talking Shared (CD, Album)


  1. Zologal says:
    Night Night At The First Landing by Madeline Kenney, released 01 September 1. Don't Forget // There's Room 2. Rita 3. Witching Hour 4. John In Irish 5. This Way // You're Happy 6. Always 7. Big One 8. Waitless 9. Uncommon Give Up // On Anything Madeline Kenney begins her new album with a helpful reminder: “Don’t forget, there’s room for you.”.
  2. Kazraramar says:
    Oh, how I long for this comfort in grief. Perfection haunts those who dream but can't sleep. Breathe in union. It's key to be seen. All alone above the lost people's needs. Let it faint - my desire, my will overrun by denied apathy. Interlocked crowns of palladous disease. Starved .
  3. Nisho says:
    Tired Of Your Smile by silent neighbor, released 24 April 1. When You Say My Name 2. Tired Of Your Smile 3. Rebecca 4. You Haunt Me 5. The King Of OK 6. Get Wasted 7. The Long Run 8. Empty Handed 9. Is It News If Nobody Died Dreams Of Anna.
  4. Gora says:
    Soft Times by Matt Duncan, released 15 January 1. The Keys 2. Rube Intro 3. Rube Goldberg Machine 4. Soft Times 5. The Horn of Plenty 6. Sparkle and Fall 7. Summer Song 8. I Don't Know 9. Idle Hands Lone Ranger Solitary Heart Lost Boys.
  5. Meztimi says:
    Where are the Arms by Gabriel Kahane, released 09 September 1. Charming Disease 2. Merritt Pkwy 3. Parts of Speech 4. Where are the Arms 5. LA 6. Last Dance 7. Icebox 8. Calabash & Catamaran 9. Barn Song Winter Song Great Lakes.
  6. Guktilar says:
    Mercurius by Steve Roach, released 16 November 1. Liminal 2. Immanent 3. Aeon 4. Mercurius Mercurius is a resplendent sonic expression on the psychology and spirituality of impermanence and finding comfort in the liminal spaces of the in-between. Moving beyond the security of naming the infinite nuances intrinsic to being human is just one of the threads of intention woven into this music.
  7. Doumuro says:
    Sleep talking Shared by Comfort, released 24 April 1. Shape 2. where the walk is slow 3. Florian 4. The missed enviroment 5. Concreto Indefinito 6. Stammering valves 7. Contemporary nocturne 8. He moves his head back 9. Organic decadance Iceberg.
  8. Shakazil says:
    20 very happy people were used to make this album. High pitch, low pitch, giggles you name it, it's there. "Laughed till I cried! This CD is wonderful tonic" Laughter stimulates circulation. Produces a sense of well-being. Exercises the face and stomach muscles. Stimulates the production of endorphins. Provides more oxygen to the brain.
  9. Saramar says:
    Mar 13,  · Check out the CD, Disney's Lullabye Album #2. Sleep with a stuffed animal. Especially if you sleep alone, hugging a stuffed animal can be comforting—no matter how old you are.

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